Origins and development

iniciosIn 1992, Armando Molí and Javier Pérez de Vega, two well known fans of classic motorbikes, unite their resources to start the exciting adventure of making a racing motorcycle - a replica of the Bultaco TSS 350.

Armando Molí, at the time, was a collector specializing in Bultaco and Javier Perez de Vega, well known in the motorcycle parts sector, had just sold his AJP brake manufacturing company. The technical experience of Javier in the manufacturing of components was key in the development of the first prototypes of the bike. This resulted in a top quality product, praised in the international press and endorsed by former world champion Ricardo Tormo, Ignacio Bultó, and Mr. Francisco Bultó himself.

Also from the beginning of the project was Freddy Sanjuan as an assembly and development technician, as well as a mechanic assisting at the racetrack.

The first prototypes were completed in April 1994 and the first production motorcycles were delivered in 1997. Testing and development riders were Xavi Arenas and Ignacio Bultó, who also raced in Spanish national races, with Bob Heath racing the AJR in international events.

In 1998, shortly after initiating the production series of  "AJR TSS 350 Replica", Javier Perez de Vega decides to leave the project due to health problems.  Armando and Freddy forge ahead, successfully completing the production and sale of the initial lot of 50 motorcycles of the highest quality.

It is during this time when the AJR began to dominate classic motorcycle racing in several countries, with pilots of the stature of Salvador Cañellas and Benjamin Grau winning in the most prestigious competitions like the Isle of Man TT and Assen Centennial Classic.

As the new millennium dawned, the "AJR TSS 350 Replica" became highly desirable, thanks to its' competitiveness and the quality of its' components. Armando Molí continued to manufacture examples of the precious motorcycle to order, in addition to providing spare parts service to the proud owners.

During these years, in addition to the "AJR TSS 350 Replica", the factory developed other projects. One of these being the Matador, which pretended to be a street bike with a 4 stroke engine of their own production. However, this did not see the light of day as the owners of the Bultaco brand at that time (Derbi) did not see any commercial opportunity. Another project that did not pass the prototype stage was a nice replica of the Bandito motocross model, which shared the motor of the TSS replica. Finally, and also aimed at the motocross market, a “modernized classic” was developed. Based on the Pursang MK15, Gas Gas would supply the power from its' model EC300. Unfortunately a spectacular style and a high level of performance were not enough for it to find the commercial interest that would allow it to leave the prototype phase.

This brings us to 2017 and with 25 years of history, Armando Molí decides to retire as head of AJR. Worried about the continuity of the brand, Armando seeks the collaboration of the industrialist Vicente Ballester: well known collector, researcher, and historian of the brand Bultaco. Vicente acquires AJR and strengthens its' future by giving it access to the technical, production, and commercial resources of his company Blumaq S.A., which manufactures and distributes quality mechanical components for construction machinery all over the world.

With the acquisition of AJR Motocicletas S.L., by the organization Blumaq S.A., a new stage begins, in which the service to the owners of AJR motorcycles, both to the previous owners and to new ones, will be the main objective.