AJR today



After the acquisition of AJR Motocicletas S.L. by Blumaq, the personnel and production have been moved to a modern industrial building of new construction in Vall D'Uixó (Comunidad Valenciana), with the aim of producing complete machines and providing spare parts for the flagship product -  the "AJR TSS 350 Replica".

In our website virtual store, TSS components are available to customers for the maintenance and updating of the "AJR TSS 350 Réplica" and also the original Bultaco TSS 350. In addition, a line of products is available to riders and collectors of racing motorcycles for both restoration and high performance so their Bultacos can continue competing and winning races all over the world.

The new "AJR TSS 350 Mk2" will follow the path created by the founders of AJR, but taking advantage of the modern production resources of Blumaq to improve each part of the bike: Creating components that are not available or updating parts that previously did not meet the regulations of some classical racing organizations all over the world.